Scalp Therapy Conditioner blows the candles out when it comes to any challenges of your hair. This conditioner is built to help relieve the stress from your hair, along with calming and healing your scalp from dandruff, psoriasis and eczema. Rejuvenating your hair and scalp, allow your hair to absorb great healthy food, which it needs.


Scalp Therapy Conditioner

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  • Water/BTMS/Cetyl Alcohol/Calendula Extract/Cayenne Powder/Chamomile Powder/Goji Berry Powder/Neem Seed Oil/Pumpkin Seed Oil/Red Clover Extract/Rosemary Powder/Smoked Cayenne Powder/Tumeric Powder/Vege Keratin/CETAC/Quaternium-31/DL Panthenol/Jeecide Cap-5/Fragrance