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We create products that don’t just cleanse or style the hair but feed it the nutrients it needs to get and keep it healthy, strong, and growing.  MG Studio is a growing professional haircare product line that maintains a healthy balance for hair and scalp. We have made it our mission to help impact clients and consumers to become more aware and wanting a healthier lifestyle by feeding their hair the proper nutrients found in our products. The impact is simple, because of the use of our products, consumers have become more interested in a healthier lifestyle, which lead us to become a leading voice in both our physical and virtual communities. We are a home-based product line located in Detroit, Michigan.


Each product we create must have a purpose beyond cleansing, conditioning, and styling, such as our Chia seed oil. It has a building block of l-lysine that promotes hair growth, containing nine essential amino acids related to healthier hair.  Adding hibiscus extract to our oil helps give power by regaining the elasticity, restoring cuticle damage, protect fading color, and helps slow down shedding and breakage.  The nutrients in both the hibiscus extract and chia seed will nourish your hair follicles and scalp, preventing dandruff and making the hair less drying.  I have been able to create products that don’t just cleanse or style the hair, but feed the hair the nutrients that it needs and will stay consistent at getting and keeping them healthy, strong, and growing. 

Never Tested 
on Animals

For years I studied, researched, and formulated my products to work on contact to consistently keep the integrity of our hair and scalp.  Using our team members, clients, family members, even myself as a tester. Our products are made for humans, so our products will only be tested on humans.

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