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Finally a
plant-based, biodegradable professional haircare line made for everyone.

You can invest in an amazing haircare line that will help make your job easier at keeping your clients' hair healthy.  We created a professional plant-based, biodegradable haircare line, that will consistently work on contact at keeping the integrity while nourishing any type of hair and scalp.

Cosmetologists will be using compelling natural based ingredients that gives clients’ hair

and scalp the nourishment it deserves.


MG Studio is the platform showing that healthy hair is part of having a healthy lifestyle. 


Goat Milk Shampoo

Designed for everyday shampoo. Maintains the balance of moisture. 


Scalp Therapy Shampoo

Specially developed to treat any stressed hair from breakage, seborrhea, thinning, and hairloss.


Akaí Whyté Shampoo

The first developed brightening shampoo ever, for silver, gray, and blonde hair containing no artificial coloring.

Professional Haircare

Goat Milk Conditioner

A cultivating conditioner that softens, detangles, and balances the moisture and nutrients to the hair without silicones.


Scalp Therapy Conditioner

Specially developed to strengthen, replenish, and repair the hair using only natural herbs.


Leave In Conditioner

Our #1 leading leave in conditioner that soften and detangles the hair while bringing the hair back to its 5.5 ph natural level.


Sugah Hold Holding Spray

A holding spray that contains 0% alcohol, and will protect your hair from harsh elements.


Hair Pomade 

A specialized blend that soothes dry and itchy scalp while styling and maintaining any protective style.


BonaFide Curl Refreshner

Organic natural curl freshener spray that will enhance and pop  curls back to life.

Professional Styling

Rub My Beard Shave Me Bald

A naturally made pomade for men that is used to shave and style, the beard, hair and head.


Refulgance Shine Spray

A light weight finishing spray that protects the hair from thermo heat, locks in curls, and gives a soft refulgence of your hairstyle.


Sugah Foam Foaming Mousse

This foam mousse does more than style your hair, it will continue to work, protect and promote hair growth.

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