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Akaí Whyté Shampoo

 Designed to naturally brighten gray and blonde hair


Akaí Whyté Shampoo


Akaí Whyte Shampoo

formula is curated with

all-natural and

biodegradable ingredients.

This brightening shampoo

is perfectly designed for

silver, gray, and blonde hair.

Contains all-natural

ingredients including Açai

Berries, Aloe Vera, and more

to brighten the hair

without violet dyes.

MG Studio Akaí Whyte is

perfect for naturally

removing yellow tones from

grey, silver, and blonde

hair resulting in the perfect

look for your client while still

maintaining the integrity of

the hair.  Akaí Whyte

Shampoo is beneficially

formulated for professional

stylists, clients, and the earth.

Made with Natural Ingredients


Aloe Vera: Contains vitamins A, C, and E.  Nurturing hair growth, protecting the hair from UV rays, and helps reduce seborrhea.

Acaí Berries: Naturally illuminates gray and blonde hair, while developing hair growth.

Goat MIlk: Consist of vitaimin B, which helps soften the hair, achieving shine, and reducing hair loss.

Ingredients: Water/ Alpha Olefin Sulfonate/ Cocamidopropyl Betaine/ Goat Milk/ Acaí Berry Powder/ Aloe Vera/ Glycerin/ Polyquaternium-10/ Pathenol/ Jeecide Cap-5/ Citric Acid/ Fragrance

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