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Rub My Beard Shave Me Bald

Formulated to help men style their beard, shave their heads, and so much more.


Rub My Beard Shave Me Bald

Rub My Beard Shave Me Bald

is curated with all natural

and biodegradable



This beard pomade is

perfect for rejuvenating the

skin and beard.


Contains all natural

ingredients including

Raw Honey and Palm oil that

help to moisturize and grow

the beard.


The beard pomade is

perfect for shaving, dry skin,

dry beard, and styling the

beard, leaving men feeling

confident with their beard.


Rub My Beard Shave Me Bald

is beneficially formulated for

professional stylists, clients,

and the earth.

Made with Natural Ingredients


Palm Oil: Stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicle, strengthening and promoting hair growth.  Help

reduce premature gray hair.

Raw Honey: Contains antioxidants

that protect the hair and scalp from cell damage.  Rich with vitamins that will grow new hair cells.

Ingredients: Palm Oil/Glycerin/Ozokerita Wax/Cetaryl Alcohol/Raw Honey/Jeecide Cap-5/Fragrance

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