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Goat Milk Conditioner

Formulated to hydrate and detangle the hair


Goat Milk Conditioner 


Curated with all-natural

biodegradable, and nutrient

ingredients. This hydrating

conditioner is perfect for dry,

breakage, and weak hair.


Contains vitamins including

Omega 3,6,9, A, B1, B12, C, E, K,

and P.


It is perfect for  restoring

moisture, softening,

detangling, and reducing

the damage effects of the

sun on the hair. 


MG Studio Goat Milk

Conditioner is beneficially

formulated for professional

stylists, clients, and the earth.

Made with Natural Ingredients


Hibiscus Extract: Helps develop hair growth from dormant hair follicles, treating small cases of dandruff.  Adding volume to the hair,

and represses premature hair.

Goat Milk: Softens and gives moisture to the hair.  It repairs any damages to the hair and scalp.

Cranberry Seed Oil: Has significant

moisture balance and prevents split ends.

Baobab Extract: Contains a high level of omega 3, that develops moisture and strength to the hair.

Sea Buckthorn Oil: Creates growth and strength in the hair and elasticity.  Improving natural and artificial hair color deriving out of vitamins A, C, K, and E.

Vegetable Keratin: Increase the 

growth and strength in the hair and elasticity.  

Ingredients: Water/BTMS/Cetyl Alcohol/Glycerin/Sea Buckthorn Oil/Vege Keratin/Flax Seed Oil/Hibiscus Extract/Goat Milk Powder/Cranberry Seed Oil/Hydrolyzed Baobab/CETAC/Quaternium-31/Jeecide Cap-5/DL Panthenol/Fragrance

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